They really really do...

They really really do...

Sunday, 14 August 2011


I like the coffee and when I am there I get a Hazelnut Americano, which is essentially just a black coffee with a hazelnut shot in it. Starbucks don't do just a 'coffee' - the equivalent is the Americano, so named because the Americans in Europe in WW2 would pour hot water into their espresso for coffee.

The reason I started drinking this is because when I worked at a local guitar store 2 years ago, I always came in with just an Americano. One of the guys I worked with always came in with a Hazelnut Americano - which smelled amazing. So I went and asked for one and it tasted as good as it smelled. To me - this is a normal drink.

Now for my point - I can't stand people who go into Starbucks and order really fancy drinks. It's those people who work in an office and decide to have 'coffee meetings' and come in on their lunch to look cultured and order really long complicated drinks which just makes them look pretentious and ridiculous. Either that or students who, also, are pretentious twats.

I've been studying a lot recently and I was in Starbucks the other day and the woman who was behind me in the queue ordered an extra wet triple shot grande skinny latte. No joke.

In my relatively greater than average knowledge of coffee, I will write what I take this drink to be:

Extra wet - No idea. I think it is with regards to the amount (or lack of) foam in the drink?
Triple shot - 3 times the espresso shot, ie. stronger.
Grande - Medium sized.
Skinny - Skimmed milk?
Latte - A common drink made with a wee bit of coffee and mainly steamed milk.

S0, what she ordered was a stronger milk based coffee with skimmed milk. To me, the weakness of the latte is compensated for by the triple shot to make it..well, a coffee and in essence, the ostentatious woman behind me asked for a skimmed coffee.

What. An. Asshole.

I blame Starbucks for inventing this form of scum by encouraging it:

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  1. Great post, could not of better explained it better myself. At least you try to appease the Starbucks workers. Cudos to you, because every time I visit I refuse to use any other words than coffee. If they persist I switch to spanish repeating Que? no comprende over and over.

    P.S. I went to Canada in '08. They have a coffee chain called Tim Horton's that kicks the living shit out of Starbucks. No joke.